Rebecca + Katan's Elopement Weekend | Hayward Wisconsin

Do you know that couple who whenever you're around them, you can just feel how much they love each other? Well these two are that couple.

Rebecca & Katan planned a wedding just two weeks after he proposed. They planned it to be surrounded by all their close family, on Easter Sunday. It also would be on Rebecca's grandparent's Wedding anniversary. They kept their ceremony a complete surprise to everyone!! Only their mothers and a few others. Their wedding wasn't about fancy materialistic things or expensive details, it was all about their love and becoming husband & wife. It was so refreshing to witness a love so real and genuine.

On Saturday we drove to the cutest storybook-town, somewhere in Wisconsin, and I followed them as they went shopping for last minute things. We ended the night at a cabin tucked away in the woods; drinking wine, laughing, and eating delicious cheese. 

On Easter morning, she woke him up to the sweetest love song while snowflakes covered the cabin outside. They got ready for the best day of their lives together, then we drove over to her grandparent’s house where everyone was arriving from Easter mass.

As everyone went outside to take a family photo, Rebecca snuck away for a few moments to change into her wedding dress with her mother and sister. Beside her father, Rebecca walked outside to marry Katan, surprising her whole family. Everybody was crying. One of my absolute favorite weddings. Nothing fancy, just true love. 

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